Product Design
Capa project is a visual homage to the Franz Mayer Museum, weaving together a multilayered narrative that abstracts the museum's key artifacts. Each layer, thoughtfully superimposed upon the foundation, serves as a vibrant tapestry, encapsulating the diverse cultural and historical influences curated within the museum's collection. Through an intentional interplay of colors, textures, and forms, this project invites viewers to embark on an interactive journey, peeling back each layer to uncover the rich tapestry of artistic heritage. It stands as a testament to Franz Mayer's legacy, capturing the essence of the museum's treasures in a captivating and contemplative visual representation.

Product Design


Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is my canvas for storytelling in pixels and vectors. It's more than visuals; it's about conveying emotions, messages, and creating an unforgettable experience.  
Industrial Designer

Industrial Design is my creative playground where imagination meets innovation. Crafting functional art that seamlessly integrates into our lives.   Every detail tells a story of form, function, and endless possibilities.