Packaging Design
The CUTE COW toy packaging design project aims to seamlessly integrate toys into the lives of young children, offering a collection of simple yet endearing characters that promote both play and learning. The packaging draws inspiration from an iconic milk carton shape, creating a sense of familiarity, especially for children. Black cow spots and blue musical notes in the design signify the toy’s dual nature of playfulness and musicality. The target audience includes children aged 3 and above with interests in music and interactive toys, as well as parents and caregivers seeking safe and educational products for their children. The wordmark has been reimagined with a playful two-line design, and the nutritional table was enhanced to provide essential information in both English and French, ensuring a clear and informative presentation for consumers.

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is my canvas for storytelling in pixels and vectors. It's more than visuals; it's about conveying emotions, messages, and creating an unforgettable experience.  
Industrial Designer

Industrial Design is my creative playground where imagination meets innovation. Crafting functional art that seamlessly integrates into our lives.   Every detail tells a story of form, function, and endless possibilities.