Anxiety support kit to identify emotions, enhance relationships, and boost the efficacy of psychological treatment.  Project goal: Empower individuals with generalized anxiety disorder by providing tools to identify their emotions and symptoms, fostering a safe space for improved communication with loved ones, and enhancing the effectiveness of psychological treatment.  MoodLink encapsulates the essence of the brand, reflecting its aim to facilitate emotional connection among people. "Mood" represents emotions and moods, while "Link" symbolizes the bond and connection between individuals. MoodLink becomes the link that enables sharing and uniting emotions, creating a space where people can connect. The MoodLink cards are the core of the kit. The ‘How I Feel’ are the Emotions cards that allows you to explore and articulate your feelings, providing a nuanced language for your emotional experiences. The ‘How It’s Showing Up’ set refers to the Symptoms cards that empowers you to track and acknowledge your unique challenges, fostering a deeper understanding of your anxiety. Meanwhile, the ‘Iꞌm Working On’ set are the Strategies cards with actionable tools to navigate and combat anxious moments. Use these cards daily to express, recognize, and address the complexities of your emotional landscape.

Product design, all elements


Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is my canvas for storytelling in pixels and vectors. It's more than visuals; it's about conveying emotions, messages, and creating an unforgettable experience.  
Industrial Designer

Industrial Design is my creative playground where imagination meets innovation. Crafting functional art that seamlessly integrates into our lives.   Every detail tells a story of form, function, and endless possibilities.